Monday, November 3, 2008

Cased Aussieamps nxV200 amp

Only missing the front panel and lid this Aussieamps nxV200 VFet stereo amplifier is complete. The four 10,000uf 100V caps can be seen "stuck" to the sides of the case. The led is ready for mounting on the front panel. In this image the amp is under test and a faint blue glow can be seen at the rear of the case. Surface mounted blue and yellow leds light-up when the amp is on. The heat sink and caps just fit in the case. The HS also acts as a magnetic shield between the amp modules and the big toriodal tranni. The rectifier module is on the left and is constructed from individual high current, high surge fast switch diodes. 0.01uf caps snub each diode. The power caps are snubbed with 0.1uf caps.

The internal signal and speaker wiring is intentionally kept very short because unshielded OFC speaker wire was used throughout for hook-up wire. The input gold plated RCA and gold plated speaker binding posts are mounted on the rear so amp modules and terminals are close to each other. The amp is dead quiet.

The sound is pristine and crystal clear. The modules are rated over 200W and after winding the volume up on my small bookshelf speakers I believe the specs. They can drive hard with no harsh overtones or strain. I made a pair of these stereo amps for bi-amping a 2-way speaker system.

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