Monday, March 22, 2010

Oatley Electronics Jan6418 tube phono preamp

This JAN6418 valve based phono preamp is soon to be released by Oatley Electronics. It is a two stage preamp with FETs buffering each stage.

The cast Al enclosure has been finished in epoxy enamel hammered copper paint. The sound is excellent and noise is very low apart from a faint hiss. Music from your fav. TT will flow extremely well and I found it only took a few hours of play for the preamp to "come to the party" and sound relaxed.

In this build I have used the kits standard components but better parts would make an all-over better preamp.

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Random Audio Dude said...

Hi Mark

Nice job with the finish. I read your article on building the kit on the DIY site. I had just finished building a Graham Slee Genera phono amp (which is wonderful) and was keen to try my hand at building something else.

So I bought the Oatley Kit after reading your article and have just put all the resistors in today. I think your photos on DIY will come in handy when I get towards the end. Thanks for that.

BTW where did you get your box from. I am a complete novice when it comes to finding the right box for the build.


Geoff (Brisbane)