Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Portable Triode Headphone amp

You take a look at all those schmucks on the train listening to their audio-dead iPods and their super compress modern day pop/rap/crap/techo "musicless" MP3 files and cheap super "shitty" ear buds and think why? When they could be really listening to well recorded, non-compress, lossless music files on a pair of Phiaton MS400 close back carbon fibre and leather headphones and a Cowon S9 (for example) player and a portable Triode headphone amp.

Though there is an on/off switch no battery drain occures until there are plugs in all sockets and it is switched on. Pull out a either plug the power is cut. Battery life is about 100 hours.

The two experiences are worlds apart. THANK GOD!! What this weighty but musically beautiful instrument does is buffer/amplify between player and HPs. It uses tiny sub-mini pentodes valves (tubes) in triode config. It also has a HP driver chip (PT2803) which buffers the whole connection back to the player and DRIVES the HPs.

Ruining on a a couple of lithium 9V batteries it is truly portable and divine sounding. And they provide 6db of gain. But much better than that. Tell me how many of your audio savvy friends have one. Good reason to get one "rule"quick.


Dale said...

Got any schematics for this?

retro-thermionic said...

For more infomation follow this link