Sunday, October 26, 2008

Aussieamps nxV200 V-Fet 200W amp

These compact and powerful Aussieamps amp modules were bought by a DIYer to construct two stereo amps for bi-amping his large 2-way speakers. He approached me to design the power supplies, assemble and provide enclosures.

I modulised the construction by: mounting the amp modules on the heat sink, constructing the rectifier ccts. on a tag strip, assembling the speaker binding posts, AC captured cord, fuse, on/off switch and input jacks on back plate of the amp and mounting the transformer and large electrolytics caps (20,000uf per rail).

It took two days just to do the marking and drilling of the case and HS. And four days to assemble the first amp. The second amp only two days. Oxygen free copper wire was used for the hook-up and signal wires. Brass cones were mounted for the feet and the case is heavy gauge steel. See the image above.

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