Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fostex full range speakers

These compact 15L ported single driver boxes contain the Fostex FE167E 6" twin cone driver. Built to compliment a couple of 6T9 valve amps. No Xover is required and though the valve amps only provide 4.5W of power @ 94db efficient good listening levels can be obtained. For build notes see article below.

If you are not use to a single driver speaker system at first the sound appears quite different. The drivers do take some time to break in and the surrounds are extremely stiff when new. The frequency range is quoted 20hz to 20khz. Bass is good but is very dependent on the amp driving them. Voices 'tend to be a little forward but not unpleasantly so. Treble extension is good but you need to have the boxes pointed toward your listening position. Detail and sound stage is excellent when driven by my 6T9 valve amp. Sound stage especially can be broad and reasonably defined with an unusual ability to project instruments well beyond the distance the boxes are apart. When friends compare the Fostex with my standard two-way boxes they are generally very divided in opinions. For such a simple design they do sound very good. And no Xover distortion-bonus!

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