Monday, March 9, 2009

Woody Pro - under the bonnet

Not hard to see Woody Pro. is constructed of base components. Base components form modules which are then interconnected to form the whole buffer/driver. The output caps made from 20 X 10uf polypropylene caps (20 in all) can be easily seen with the aluminium and tar rapped PS to the left. A two stage filter is used comprising of 2 X 10,000uf Nichicon electrolytic caps per channel (total 40,000uf) which are snubbed. The single 2N3055 per channel bolted to the timber is on the far left. All of this in a 1U 19"case. The case is fully earthed and fused and the ferrite chokes use used to filter RFI\EMI.

All internal wiring is via pure silver wire and all internal power connections are via medium gauge OFC speaker wire. A 4oz solid brass knob tops off the attenuator\volume control. Woody Pro. is sleek and very quiet partly due to UF4003 Ultra-fact diodes (which are all individually snubbed) and encapsulated twin toroids. Wood Pro. is dual mono construction. The frequency response is below 10Hz to over 135Khz. Harmonic distortion is extremely low.

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